6 thoughts on “Textual Analysis Project Video

  1. Great presentation Melinda! Your points were well made and the graphics added a lot. I found this very interesting; the part about the children’s recognition of the frogs, over Tony the Tiger, and your point about the small print being placed as way to mislead people on true intentions, especially. Thank you! I’ll never view these ads the same! Nancy


  2. Thanks for watching Nancy. It really is quite surprising the tricks that organizations use to push their products onto unsuspecting consumers – especially children. This study of the alcoholic beverage industries and their “drink responsibly’ campaigns really has me second guessing all advertising – and perhaps that’s not a bad thing!



  3. Great presentation Melinda! I thought this was an awesome topic to choose for your textual analysis project! I completely agree with your visuals and the statements you made about how the drink responsibly campaign does not always do a good job with actually promotion drinking responsibly. I have noticed that many commercials and visuals actually make you want to drink rather than not drink. I think that the drink responsible campaign has done a better job through commercials shown on television about people who have lost their life due to drinking and driving. But I think if there were more statistics shown through commercials and visuals, it would get the point across a lot better. I also thought the statement you made in regards to often times the blame is put on the consumer more than the product is very much so true. Yes the consumer is the one who drank irresponsibly but had the producer than a better job with advertising responsible drinking and the consequences of excessive drinking, that might could have saved many lives.


  4. Wonderful presentation Melinda! This also made me think of tobacco industry ads, which you also mentioned briefly in your presentation. I do agree that there should be some sort of label on alcoholic beverage informing consumers of the danger. This could get the ball rolling on creating a safer world with the consumption of alcohol. However, even with the current warning labels on tobacco products consumption is still fairly high. Another thing tobacco products have that alcoholic products do not, are ad campaigns that are strictly against the consumption. We see so many chilling ads that to this day have kept me as far as possible from cigarettes. But we do not see ads like this for alcohol. Hopefully in the future we see both labels and ads reminding people of the harm they could be inflicting upon themselves and their loved ones by consuming copious amounts of alcohol or any at all.

    Thanks again for a very informative and thought provoking presentation.



  5. A great presentation! I do. It have any background in marketing or advertising, so I found your presentation and research quite interesting! It makes me think of other companies that may use strategic ambiguity to sell their products!


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