The Sky’s the Limit!


Your organization is already working to stay current and relevant in today’s ultra competitive market. Your company is doing a great job of incorporating Senge’s learning organization into its daily routine by regularly practicing “system thinking where all members work together for a common goal; personal mastery where they make a personal commitment to learning and self-reflection; flexible metal models where they seek to understand then change their thinking based on what they’ve learned; a shared vision by all levels in the organization; and team learning where dialogue and intelligent decisions are the norm” (Eisenberg, Goodall, and Trethewey, 2015, p. 109). This puts you far ahead of the typical organization.

I would offer several suggestions to bolster that effort. The first is to recognize that, while most of your employees were born in the millennial age bracket (1979-1997), the profile of the centennial (born between 1997-present) is markedly different. Centennials do not share the same traits as their predecessors. For example, the centennials are described as more pragmatic and less idealist than millennials (Futures Company, 2015) and those types of generational characteristics must be taken into account in both design and marketing of new and existing products.

The second thing to be aware of is Weick’s concept of the enacted environment that says “one of the most critical but often overlooked keys to organizational success involves keeping abreast of current issues through scanning relevant articles in newspapers and journals and maintaining contacts with others. Many times businesspeople overlook the importance of environmental scanning and miss information that has a direct bearing on their company” (Eisenberg, Goodall, and Trethewey, 2014, p. 111). Your company needs to stay keenly aware of what’s going on not only in your particular market, but in the rest of the world, as even a small event several continents away can have a profound effect on this organization.

Finally, to continue to be successful, build on the talent and creativity you have assembled, and further encourage out-of-the-box solutions, make it a point to “acknowledge the openness and complexity of social organizations [i.e. your company] as well as the importance of relationships among individuals over time” (Eiseneberg, et al., 2014, p. 115).

Appreciate your employees and keep up the good work!



Eisenberg, E. M., Goodall, H. L. Jr., and Tretheway, A. (2014) Organizational Communication Balancing Creativity and Constraint (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford

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One thought on “The Sky’s the Limit!

  1. Great Post! I think your plan of action really works well and each step is very cohesive with the next. I completely agree with your final step of out-of-the-box thinking as things always happen and you never know what is coming next. Being prepared for the unexpected is the one thing many companies forget to do. With this step being followed, I agree, the sky’s the limit!


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