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Welcome to my Vlog titled Keeping a Church Alive: Dwelling Place and Community Memory in Religious Institutions. I enjoy creating Vlogs – I hate listening to my strong southern accent. I hope you can understand what I am saying when I inadvertently draw one syllable words out to two syllables or more. I know what it is supposed to sound like – but when I open my mouth the southern tumbles out! Regardless, I hope you enjoy my Vlog, and I really appreciate you taking the time to watch it!










9 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Vlog

  1. Thank you Melinda for such a great Vlog! I thought your case study was pretty interesting! I have recently heard in my church that the percentage of members in American churches is rapidly decreasing. This is really sad. I agree that keeping a church alive entails reverting back to the foundations of the church. I think many churches have lost focus on what church is about. You are correct, the foundation should be built on God and also bringing in the community to get to know and have a relationship with God. Sticking to the form and function of the church will allow individuals to not lose focus on the importance of church. As times change, so does our communities. Making changes and adjustments in the church community are inevitable. But these changes are mostly used to bring more people in to the church. Staying mindful of the form and function are the key elements to keeping the church in tact. As long as you have that you can make any changes to adjust to various communities. People feeling comfortable in the church environment is what is going to help them to stay in the church!


  2. Thanks for your comments Jacquelyn! I believe that certainly, inside church circles, but also out in the “real” world, we would all be so much better off if we would put community – or others – first, above manmade rules and regulations. Thanks again for reading!


  3. Melinda – I really enjoyed your presentation. I personally am not a religious person nor do I attend church regularly, however I though that using this example was the perfect way to present your topic. Your slides were very thought out and really incorporated the reading into to topic very smoothly. The background of form and function was key in examining the topic and explaining the location, this again was displayed very well and kept me interested in the presentation. When I first started watching the presentation I wasn’t sure if I was going to understand and the material as, again, I am not a religious individual but after 30 seconds I was hooked and was excited to listen to the rest of your presentation. Thank you for sharing and good job!


    • Thanks for the kind words! I think the beauty of communications ethics is that it applies to whatever field/subject/situation we may find ourselves in. If we take what we learn in this class to heart, I truly believe we have a chance to save the world (or maybe at least making our little corner of it a better place!) Looking forward to the next class!


  4. Oh Melinda, you have a beautiful voice! Your presentation was delightful and sounded like an actually historical story. I really think it’s like what I see on television – describing the history and how the community is defined. What a positive mindset to your church. I was amazed at the photo of the ninety inch screens. Further, you took this assignment to the next level by incorporating a personal interview in your study. Great work! I find this so interesting that your church’s constitution predates the U.S. constitution. I learned something. Thanks! Nancy


    • Thank you Nancy! It happens to be a subject I am passionate about. But just to set the record straight – the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was created by a committee of men from Mecklenburg County – three of the signers just happened to be members of our church. There are some that question its authenticity, but folks in Mecklenburg County have no doubt that it is real. There is even a Meck Dec Day celebration every May 20th. Pretty cool, huh?!? Thanks again for watching and for the kind words!

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  5. Melinda,

    Love the accent!! I had to give a little disclaimer on my presentation, as I was battling allergies this week. Haha.

    Your case study, based on your personal experience with PPC in relation to the course concepts dwelling place and community of memory in religious institutions, gave an in-depth understanding of the history of the church to support why there is a community of memory. Providing the audience with the history, the case study was thorough and showed how the past 200 years shaped the dwelling place and community of memory. Your support and evidence throughout your presentation flowed with your examples and you made clear connections to course concepts.

    This was not only an interesting topic to me as a fellow Christian, but also very informative in showing the specific reasons of the foundation of the church and the function of the church to the community. You outlined the lessons that the community can learn through the example of the long-standing church and how the institution is a dwelling place and community of memory for all who attend.

    Great topic. Thanks for sharing!

    Jenna Joswick


  6. Hi Melinda!

    What an informative presentation! You seamlessly connected a history lesson with a presentation on course material. I hear you speak of the successful community that has been created at PPC and it brings me such great happiness. I have stressed in previous assignments and within other classes the importance of accepting change. Unfortunately I have encountered religions that do not take so well to that idea. While I do not hold that against them, I do still feel saddened that we have come so far in this world but are still struggling to go a bit further. Especially when it means making this world a better dwelling place for all.

    I was especially touched by what Rev. Rusty had to say about what a church should strive to be. I feel as though this sentiment can be applied to an individuals life goals. We should all strive to be “warm, welcoming, and loving”.

    You have done a fantastic job connecting your church to our course in communication. Thanks for sharing!


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