COM601 Wrap up

During the course of the past eight weeks, COM601 has challenged me on many different fronts. Processing difficult concepts from the textbook was hard. Setting up the four social media accounts was even more difficult. But I never expected the class to be easy. I recognized the need to get out of my comfort zone, particularly surrounding my aversion to social media, and this class did exactly that.

With only one course in the masters program (almost!) complete, I already find myself reading the newspaper with a more critical eye, and recognizing the different layers present in even a casual conversation. I have also learned how to synthesize information from a variety of sources and put it together to make something new and different. The final paper was one of the most challenging assignments I have ever been given and I hated the process, but, once it was finished, I realized the value of it all.

After listening/viewing the digital presentations of my classmates, I think we all need to be proud of what we have accomplished. From Jacquelyn’s Lion King lessons, to Heather’s work on feelings of isolation in The Martian, from Colton’s Outlist study and analysis of fear of rejection when revealing a deep secret to Charner’s Dynamics of Negotiation as depicted by The Bridge of Spies, I think we all did amazingly well taking a favorite movie, and, by applying careful research and a little imagination, making it more meaningful than box office dollars or critic ratings may indicate. For me, and I am assuming a lot of others, this was a completely foreign concept, so the fact that we were able to do it all in just seven weeks is amazing in itself!

From my vantage point, I think we are all off to a great start. We’ve learned about each other in the student lounge, had insightful discussions about a variety of topics, and helped review each others’ papers to make them better. We may never have met face to face, but I do feel like I know a little about each of my classmates, and I look forward to working with everyone in future courses.


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