Creating Digital Media Accounts

For someone with a computer science degree, circa mid 1980s, creating three digital media accounts in one day was an exercise in frustration – frustration when I did not understand directions, frustration when “the computer” didn’t do what I told it to (though I admit user error was part of that equation), and frustration that I was frustrated since I feel I should know better. At one time I excelled in interpreting binary and hexadecimal code. Now I find myself struggling to set up something called a “blog.”

The experience gave me a new appreciation for the generations after me that can cruise through all these applications and more without a second thought. It also gave me empathy for the generation that came before me, and how frustrating it must be to see grandchildren navigating programs and devices that their grandparents will never understand.

But I did it (I think.) I persevered and now, when I click the link, it goes to my wordpress page, or I see myself on the Skype screen, or I’m taken to my youtube channel (even though I haven’t loaded any videos yet.) I feel very fortunate that technology has advanced to the point where I can tackle my graduate degree online. Once I get used to all these platforms, I believe taking classes online will only enhance the only learning experience and help me embrace the ever-changing digital media landscape.

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